Our Strategy

Your Systematic Investment Program to Generate Passive Income Opportunities

Our Plan of Action

We follow the fundamental principle of laying a strong foundation on two pillars, which are people and authentic connections.

We create value for our investors in our commercial assets by efficiently managing our operations and improving cash flow. Thus, delivering high-end and flexible returns to our investors. We believe in creating real value for our investors and customers by acquiring residential and commercial properties.

At Hudson Edge, you will find a team of industry experts who deliver the best consultation possible to help our investors navigate through the risky terrain of real estate successfully. We are committed to provide our services diligently and drive growth in asset appreciation.

Investment Details

What Do You Make Out of Real Estate Investment?

At Hudson Edge, you will get an opportunity to diversify a portion of your asset into a profit rearing real estate investment. Strategic investment in real estate has benefited many investors through its attractive returns. These investments may include capital gains, passive income, tax shelters, principal loan reduction, and long-term equity appreciation realization.


Detailed Analysis of Opportunities

Hudson Edge offers access to high-end real estate investment opportunities. We share a memorandum with our investors containing our key findings and analysis of different opportunities available in the market. This analysis of market opportunities helps our investors to make informed investment decisions. Every deal has a basic structure that is followed throughout the investment plan.

General Partners & Deal Sponsors

Hudson Edge specializes in managing and sponsoring the deal from acquisition to disposition. The right to make decisions that may affect day-to-day operations rests in our hands when we are acting as managers. We offer present equity and debt deals in retail, office, industrial, and multifamily projects.


Partnership Structures

At Hudson Edge, you will get exclusive opportunities that include both equity and debt. It applies for each acquisition to outside investors and lenders. Every investment that the company considers will be taken under the same umbrella, where it will be duly outlined and marketed in a prospectus or a business plan.

Our Investment Process

At Hudson Edge, you will get a transparent system where deals are vetted and approved. They are presented to qualified investors via an electronic or personal notification that outlines the investment opportunity.


Interested investors can send a commitment letter requiring the information on the capital to be contributed. Once the investors commit to the required capital, they get the document of their ownership, and we receive our funds required to acquire the assets. Moreover, the investors get regular updates on the performance of their respective capital and assets. However, the period for individual investment reports may vary, but generally, investors get a quarterly report on the same.

Who are Our Investment Partners?

  1. Our accredited investors.
  2. We have experts from the industry who are good at making investment decisions.
  3. We have people with personal purchaser representatives who have the knowledge and experience in business and can protect their interests.
  4. They are financially sound with adequate liquid assets that they can bare losses and meet their financial needs.
  5. They follow an ideal ratio of principle capital to non-liquid investments depending upon the current assets.

Why Our Investors Want to Work With Us

Our “On the Mark” Investment Criteria

We thoroughly review the opportunities available in the market and ensure strict investment policies to minimize risk and maximize the profits on investing in a certain real estate plan..

Our Transparent Working System

Our investors trust us for our long term commitments that cater to their interest and we appreciate this responsibility of providing regular updates on their investment performance.

Risk-Mitigation Strategy

We avoid risks with high impact over financial stability and can lead to sudden losses and damage. Thus we ensure effective risk management to protect the interest of our investors.

Flexible Approach

We don’t block your capital investment for 5-10 years that may incur annual fees. Instead, we understand your needs and give you the liberty to choose the type of investment that cater to your financial needs.

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If you are looking forward to a robust and systematic investment program that helps you generate passive income and add up to your financial assets, then Hudson Edge is the best solution. Here we help you with a strategic investment that opens doors for your passive income and yields high returns.

So, are you ready to join us?

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