New Yorkers Continue to Relocate to Florida in Large Numbers

More than 140,000 residents of the New York-Newark-Jersey City CBSA have relocated to Florida since January 2018, according to PlacerAI. The main beneficiaries were large cities like Tampa, Miami, and Orlando, all of which have seen a sharp increase in housing prices and rentals.

While Sacramento was the top migration destination in November, half of the top 10 destination cities were in Florida, with Miami and Tampa coming in at Nos. 3 and 4, according to Redfin statistics.

According to PlacerAI, Tampa is popular because of its excellent standard of living.

Miami sees the most traffic in the winter. The wealthy New Yorkers who travel to Miami come from wealthier backgrounds than those who travel to Tampa, which has helped luxury shopping destinations like the Miami Design District thrive.

Orlando had the most changes in migratory patterns as a result of COVID, and August is the busiest month there.

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